The ‘Talents’ Exhibition

Roseangle Ryehill Church ~ 8–9 June 1996

We searched for the talents
We searched long, in vain –
And hoped for a miracle, soon,
We asked everybody,
Our panic was plain –
For the exhibition – it was in June!
Then, just when all hope was fading out – fast
The Church doors flew open – wide!
And, one by one, members shyly filed past,
Their “hidden talents”, they carried, inside.
There was cross stitch and back stitch, and purl and plain,
Pebble-polishing, poetry and art
There were bonnets and bedsocks and baby bootees
And a “layette” that tugged at the heart.
There was quilting and cushions – teddies with balloons,
There were floral arrangements – in tubs –
There were collections of glassware and bright silver spoons
And a jigsaw and one old golf-club!
There was a dainty dutch table,
And those who were able
Bought bountiful recipe books
And if they try harder
They’ll fill up their larder
with concoctions – like “cordon-bleu” cooks!
There was music to charm
And, to keep you from harm,
There were pancakes, all golden and hot,
There were cakes by the score
And tablet galore,
And “face painting” to improve your “sad lot”!
It is not my intention All names to mention
As each, in some way, played a part,
But the committee, on their knees,
Trying desperately to please.
Breathed a silent “amen” – from the heart!
At the end of the two days, we held “Songs or Praise”
Each hymn, a much beloved choice,
The feeling was right, blest summer’s night
To lift up our hearts and rejoice!