Roseangle Ryehill

The ‘Spring Coffee Morning’ 1997

All at once, “Spring” was dawning
It was time to hold a coffee morning,
So, from “Aw’ the Airts” of Bonnie Dundee,
Guild women came to join the spree,
Each keen to help and to work with a will
To further the life of “Roseangle Ryehill”,
So, plans were laid, behind the scenes.
The date was set ~ it was March, 15.

Tables “groaned” under a bounteous store,
Of marmalades (various) and Jams galore
And baking done in kitchens, hot,
Where many a brave Guild-woman, wrought,
From early morn, ’til deepest night,
To create “Her” special ~ pure ~ delight
The “goodies” came in different sizes,
With flavours rare and hidden surprises!

Natty ~ nimble fingers, fast and slick,
Had knitted “cuddly-bunnies” and “Easter chicks”
And dainty, tiny garments, in sweetest “shades”
For long-awaited-darling Easter ~ babes!
All the coffee-tables, stood line on line,
With spotless linen and china, fine,
Coloured, folded napkin, by every seat,
Delicious coffee with a doughnut (as a special treat!)

The clock moved swiftly on to “ten”
Hall doors flew open-wide and then
In “they” came, in reckless mood,
And vied to buy, all the glorious food.

Now, each Guild woman did happily sell,
Her lovely creations, but one could tell,
That all their work had been worthwhile
By the width and charm of each heavenly smile!

But, best of all, each person there
Was given a warm welcome, and time to share,
In joyful, loving fellowhip and frienship true.