Duel in the Sun

He’s a sly, Fox, a lean, Fox,
A keen, Fox and lone.
He’s a black, Crow, a wise Crow,
Guarding his zone!
He’s a conceited, Fox, a ‘nose in the air’, Fox,
Challenging all who dare,
He’s a brave, Crow, high in the sky, Crow,
Diving down through the air.
He’s a ‘too-late’, Fox, beak on pate, Fox,
So – off he must go!
He’s a fearful, Fox, even a tearful, Fox,
To be beaten by a Crow!
He’s a contented, Crow, a serene Crow,
Having given of his best,
He’s a delighted, Crow, a ‘should be Knighted’, Crow
Sitting high, in his Crow’s-nest!