Ask… Seek… Knock…

Those blank, godless days that pall.
Those doubts that lead to tears
Those troubles, be they great or small
That haunt us o’er the years

We need some help to understand
We need faith to face each task.
We need courage to carry out God’s plan
They’re there, if we’d but ASK!

Parables are religious teachings
So don’t dismiss them as absurd,
Seek out the intent, be it hard reaching
And find the truth behind each word

It seems a simple thing to do.
To knock, not hard at all!
But try to take that fateful step,
Pride comes before a fall.

For when “that door” is opened wide
We have no dark, deep place to hide
We know we stand in God’s clear view.
To knock’s a fearful thing to do!

But knock, no need to stand and worry
For God has promised love and more!
So knock! There is no need to tarry,
For heaven awaits beyond that door.