A Child’s Prayer

{for Michael and Darren}

This night, as I close my eyes,
Thank you, God, for starry skies,
And all the lovely things I see.
(Please, God, bless Mum and Dad, for me.)
I thank you for the wind and rain,
Which make all things grow again
And for the frost and winter snow,
(Which make my toes and fingers glow!)
Thank you for the summer sun,
When I can jump and play and run,
And build sand-castles and be happy.
(Please, God, bless my Gran and Pappy! –
And because I love them, may I add,
God please bless dear Grandma and Grandad!)
God bless other girls and boys,
Who cannot share in all these joys,
Please let them know your love is there
For them, everyone, to share.
Thank you, God, for all your love,
And for each blessing from above,
So ’til morning, when I wake,
Keep me safe, for thy names sake –